Whales Migration

7th hotspot in the world / Nor t & South Hemisphers Migration / December to March & July to October / Spotted & Bottle Nose Dophins all year

During 6-7 months every year in Costa Rica it is possible to go whale watching in the pacific coasts. From December to March humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) from the Arctic come to Costa Rica´s warm waters and from July to October from the Antarctic, traveling 9000 km (5592 mi).

“7th most important whale watching hotspot in the world” (Nat Geo).

Only place in the world whin 2 separate populations of humpback whales coming to give birth and train the new generations of whales.

Dolphins all year round and other cetaceans coming to our warm waters.

Marino Ballena National Park with the famous Tombolo or Whale´s Tail geological structure, is the most famous landmark and location to experience the whale watching in Costa Rica.


Source: Sergio Arias & Frank Garita

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